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Comunison RC is a small charity promoting adult education and peace building.
We also promote ecology solutions and offer accredited legal and immigration advice (in UK)

      Our philosophy? :))

Everything in the universe is connected to everything else... and if each relation helps to determine the nature of the thing that is related, then everything is what it is because everything else is what it is.

This perhaps sounds metaphysical... but the resulting thought is important: the totality of what exists is an integrated system, and anything split off from the totality and considered separately is incomplete.

In practice, we have to split things off and consider them separately, but we shall have to be extremely careful how we do it. Any subject is not a separate discipline but is composed of the other disciplines and can be a facet or sub category of one.

The matrix encrypted in this website wishes to reflect this truth:

" We are facets of each other and yet distinct selves...Together As One! "

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